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Discover key figures for the countries where HI work

The depiction and use of boundaries, geographic names and related data shown on this map are not warranted to be error free nor do they necessarily imply official endorsement or acceptance by HI.


Discover key figures for the countries where HI work.



people having received goods or services as part of a project implemented by HI or its operating partners


notre temps de réponse


people benefiting from the effects of goods or services received by HI’s direct beneficiaries


4,241 national staff and 268 international staff on the ground, 291 headquarters staff working for programmes and on programme monitoring and 272 staff working in support services, fundraising and communication.


HI network budget

*in 2023 / **expressed in annual full-time equivalent positions.


Areas of intervention and beneficiaries***



858,769 people

Prevention of disabilities and disabling diseases


Social & inclusion

850,439 people

Services related to habitat, infrastructure, communication and public transport; services related to justice, citizenship and political participation; social services; educational services; economic services; water, sanitation and hygiene services.


Rehabilitation services

536,309 people

Equipment (prostheses, orthoses, etc.) and rehabilitation of disabled people


Safeguarding and risk reduction

242,661 people

Natural disaster risk reduction & climate change adaptation, safeguarding against abuse and violence, inclusive humanitarian action, gender and disability.


Armed Violence Reduction

590,643 people

Humanitarian demining, education on the dangers of anti-personnel mines and explosive weapons

*** Direct beneficiaries: People having directly benefited from the actions of HI or its partners in 2023. Some people may have benefited from several services or activities and been counted more than once. For this reason, data by sector of activity cannot be cumulated. 


The countries where we work