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“I am raising and amplifying the voices of the people on the ground” 23 June 2022

Yasmine Daelman, 28 years old, works as an advocacy and humanitarian policy advisor with HI in Yemen.

  • Yemen

Mine clearance enabling economic recovery and development 23 June 2022

HI has launched new mine clearance operations in Casamance to enable communities to regain access to their villages, schools and medical centres.

  • Senegal

The international agreement on bombing in populated areas is finalised 22 June 2022

States have agreed on a final version of an international agreement on explosive weapons in populated areas.

A better future for Luisa and her daughter with disabilities 20 June 2022

Luisa fled Venezuela with her six-year-old daughter, Alicia, who has infantile cerebral palsy. HI helps them in their daily lives.

  • Peru

"We are grateful for the aid received" 20 June 2022

Clara and her husband Juan fled Venezuela for Peru in September 2018. They are struggling to meet their food and health needs.

  • Peru

Judy is already seeing progress 17 June 2022

Judy struggles with certain movements and has paralysis in her legs. She has been attending rehabilitation sessions with HI to improve mobility and gain independence.

  • Jordan

Complex injuries from explosive weapons in Ukraine 15 June 2022

HI emergency rehabilitation specialist, Gaëlle Smith, explains the severity of blast injuries in Eastern Ukraine and the importance of early rehabilitation for recovery.

  • Ukraine

“I 'm happy to be able to stand up.” 15 June 2022

Rashid fled DRC with his family in 2018. He now lives in Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, where HI has treated his impairment.

  • Kenya

“Stop Bombing Civilians” agreement: Who will adopt it? How will it be implemented? What will it change? 13 June 2022

The closing consultation for an international agreement to better protect civilians from explosive weapons in populated areas will take place on June 17, 2022 at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

  • International

HI and partners at the Conference of States Parties to the CRPD 13 June 2022

States that ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) meet regularly in a Conference of States Parties in order to consider matters related to the implementation of this Convention.

  • International

Supporting growth in malnourished children: Pal’s story 9 June 2022

Malnutrition prevented Pal from developing like other children his age. With HI’s nutrition support and stimulation therapy, he can now sit, stand and walk on his own.

  • Ethiopia

Staff spotlight: Anna’s change of plans 7 June 2022

28-year old Anna Bekh went home to visit her family in Ukraine and plan her wedding. When conflict arose two days later, she joined HI’s emergency response in her hometown.

  • Ukraine

Fatime, 11 years old: “I had never been to school” 7 June 2022

In the Lake Province of Chad, insecurity has prevented thousands of children from attending school. HI works to improve their access to education, protection and psychosocial support.

  • Chad

HI ensures delivery of aid to conflict zones 1 June 2022

HI distributes supply donations to conflict-affected families and provides logistics support to deliver humanitarian goods in active war zones.

  • Ukraine

Developing local agriculture to help stave off the food crisis 31 May 2022

In Kasaï-Central, HI is running agroecology projects to help communities cope with the threat of a food crisis.

  • Democratic Republic of Congo