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Despite the obstacles, Edwige aspires to become a teacher
23 May 2024

Edwige is a 20-year-old student with vision loss. She has been in education since the age of four, but it has not been easy getting where she is today.

  • Togo

Supported by HI and APHMOTO, Gawalé went to school and became a garment maker
23 May 2024

Gawalé, 24, is blind. Thanks to the support she received, she was able to go to school. She talks to us about her experience and why we need to make the school system inclusive.

  • Togo

Faïmoguibé has become a garment maker thanks to HI’s Inclusion project
23 May 2024

Faïmoguibé, 22, is deaf and non-verbal. Thanks to her enrolment in school and HI Togo's inclusive education and vocational training project, she is now a garment maker.

  • Togo

"Thanks to HI's awareness raising activities friends and colleagues no longer belittle us"
23 May 2024

Damigou is a young woman with vision loss. Thanks to the inclusive education and vocational training project in Togo, she was able to attend school and now works as an accountant in a pharmacy.

  • Togo

Mardoché, a model of resilience
22 May 2024

Mardoché’s leg was torn off by a bullet when he was just a baby. Today, thanks to HI, he feels confident and he is looking forward to the future.

  • Central African Republic

Uganda: "At last my daughter can go to school"
22 May 2024

Gina, 4 years old, lives in Uganda. She has knock-knees, which makes her daily life difficult and painful. HI has fitted her with 3D-printed knee-ankle-foot orthoses to correct the alignment.

  • Uganda

Gaza: HI response to the humanitarian crisis
17 May 2024

HI employs 40 people in the Gaza Strip, supported by 300 volunteers. The organisation is also engaged in Egypt and Lebanon, helping to address the impact of the crisis there.

  • Occupied Palestinian Territories

“Rehabilitation matters – The appeal made by people in conflict-affected areas”
16 May 2024

In conflicts, saving lives is the priority. But beyond survival, people living in areas affected by conflicts should access other essential services that enable them to live healthy and dignified lives.

  • International
  • Iraq
  • Colombia
  • Laos

Gaza: World leaders fail to act as Israeli invasion of Rafah worsens humanitarian catastrophe
16 May 2024

Joint declaration by several international NGOs, including HI, dated 15 May 2024, on the consequences for the civilian population of the invasion of Rafah by Israeli troops.

  • Occupied Palestinian Territories

Partnering for disability-inclusive food security and livelihood programming
14 May 2024

Between 2022 and 2023, the World Food Programme (WFP) and Humanity & Inclusion (HI) have jointly conducted research on the longer-term outcomes of a seven-month pilot project. The pilot project was implemented by HI South Sudan with funding from WFP South Sudan. It aimed at strengthening access and -meaningful participation of persons with disabilities to food security and livelihood (FSL) opportunities in Western Equatoria, South Sudan. The research was funded by and implemented through the Phase 3 – Leave no one behind! project, led by HI. We share about this research collaboration, the findings and recommendations.

  • South Sudan

Israel defence forces tells civilians in eastern Rafah to move to a 'humanitarian zone'
7 May 2024

Israel defence forces are asking tens of thousands of Gazans sheltering in eastern Rafah to temporarily evacuate to a so called “humanitarian zone”, ahead of an invasion of the city.

  • Occupied Palestinian Territories

Gaza: All the children are out of school
6 May 2024

All the schools in Gaza are closed because of the fighting between Israel defence forces and Hamas, so what is happening to the children who are now out of school?

  • Occupied Palestinian Territories

States must reaffirm their commitment to the Mine Ban Treaty
3 May 2024

The Mine Action Conference will take place in Cambodia on November 25-29, 2024. After 15 years of decline, their use and the number of victims are increasing.

Global Day of Action on May 2: Stop all arms transfer
1 May 2024

HI, as part of the Ceasefire Now coalition, is taking part in a day of action calling for a halt to all arms transfers and an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

  • Occupied Palestinian Territories

No safe place in Gaza: Khan Younis is uninhabitable
26 April 2024

As the war in Gaza enters its seventh month, HI expresses grave concern for the safety of thousands of families that might be forcibly displaced from Rafah to Khan Younis and other areas across the Strip.

  • Occupied Palestinian Territories