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Enayatullah was injured by an explosive remnant of war. He can now walk again thanks to HI


Armed violence reduction | Rehabilitation | Afghanistan | PUBLISHED ON September 9th 2022
Enayatullah during a rehabilitation session with his physiotherapist.

Enayatullah during a rehabilitation session with his physiotherapist. | © HI

Enayatullah, 9 years old, lost his leg because of an explosive remnant of war. HI has come to his aid.

Enayatullah survived an accident caused by an explosive remnant of war. His right leg had to be amputated, but he is now walking again with the help of a prosthesis provided by HI.

His accident

Enayatullah was playing with a group of children in front of his house in a village about 30 kilometres from Kandahar. The children came across some explosive remnants of war. The devices exploded, killing four of them and injuring six others – including Enayatullah and his eight-year-old cousin. Enayatullah lost his right leg in the explosion.

No one knows for certain what the explosive remnants were, but they were most likely munitions left over from the fighting in the area in 2021.

Enayatullah was rushed to Mirwais Regional Hospital in Kandahar where he stayed for 40 days. The surgeons tried in vain to save his leg, but it was too damaged and had to be amputated. When his health improved, he was referred to the Kandahar rehabilitation centre run by HI.

Enayatullah with his prosthesis.Thanks to HI, he now has a prosthesis and is attending rehabilitation sessions.

During the first sessions, he was very nervous, still traumatised by the accident. But he gradually learned to trust the team and worked hard on his physiotherapy exercises. 

Since his first consultation on 22 November 2021, he has visited the centre 5 times for physical rehabilitation sessions. He was also given walking aids, had a cast made for his prosthesis and attended fittings until the device was finally ready for use. In the future, he will attend the centre regularly for repairs to his prosthesis and for replacements as he grows.

His new life

Today, Enayatullah is independent. He is walking on his own again. Thanks to his prosthesis, he can move around, play with his friends, go to school, visit relatives with his family and enjoy a normal life.

Enayatullah likes to play with toy cars and wants to be a truck driver when he grows up.

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