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Philippines: HI hands out clearance kits to people affected by typhoon


Emergency | Philippines | PUBLISHED ON October 18th 2018
Population affected by Mangkhut typhoon involved in clearance tasks

Population affected by Mangkhut typhoon involved in clearance tasks | ©HI

With financial help from HI, more than 1,500 people helped clear roads blocked by debris from Typhoon Mangkhut in the Philippines.

Following the passage of Typhoon Mangkhut, which struck the northern Philippines on the night of 14 September, HI travelled to the municipalities of Kalinga and Ifuago to identify the needs of disaster-affected people affected.
The typhoon destroyed or damaged more than one million hectares of crops. In Pinukpuk, 90% of maize plantations and 60% of rice plantations were destroyed. The disaster hit farmers particularly hard.

HI supplied relief in the municipality of Pinukpuk (Kalinga province), one of the worst affected areas. It distributed 80 clearance kits, consisting of wheelbarrows, shovels, knives, hammers, gloves, etc. to families in 23 villages. These kits were shared with villagers who will use them to clear roads and public areas.
They benefited more than 40,000 people.

More than 1,500 workers without experience were also involved in these clearance tasks (clearing roads, repairing pipes, etc.) and received cash for work. These activities were carried out in close collaboration with local government units.

"This project mobilises a traumatised community around a collective project. It’s really positive. It strengthens ties and helps them overcome the shock of the disaster. All workers received a small sum of cash from HI in return, which they could use to buy food at the market. These actions are beneficial for everyone,"

explains Reiza Dejito.

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