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One bullet, multiple traumas


Rehabilitation | Occupied Palestinian Territories | PUBLISHED ON January 23rd 2019
Mazen is visited at home by HI’s team

Mazen is visited at home by HI’s team | © Handicap International / Abedelrahman Abu Hassanien

Mazen is a 33-year-old father. A bullet passed through both his legs, causing serious injuries. He is now unable to work. 

An injury with multiple impacts 

Mazen is an ambulance driver. As he was working near the border, where demonstrations are regularly held, he was wounded in both legs by a bullet. He needed to have seven operations. He is now waiting to be transferred out of Gaza for another operation that could allow him to walk again. 
For Mazen, being unable to move around is difficult to bear: he is not just suffering physically, he is sinking into a state of serious psychological distress. 

Physical and moral support

The partner mobile teams supported by HI visit him regularly to change his dressing and make sure his legs are healing properly. The organisation has also provided him with crutches and a wheelchair. A physiotherapist taught him to walk with them and to move from one to the other. But Mazen will take a long time to recover.
He still needs surgery to regain full use of his legs. He is worried about his next operation, and the stress is adding to his depression. HI is therefore providing him with psychological support, helping to restore his hope in the future, for him and his family. 

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