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Morocco earthquake survivors in need of shelter


Emergency | Health | Rehabilitation | Morocco | PUBLISHED ON September 15th 2023

Almost a week after the earthquake, the figures are alarming: more than 380,000 people have been affected by the disaster, including thousands who are homeless.

Urgent need for equipment

With tens of thousands of homes destroyed, thousands of people in Morocco lost everything in the earthquake that hit the Kingdom on 8th September. The affected regions, which are difficult to access, need a great deal of equipment to help the survivors. With the cold beginning to set in at night, and blankets in short supply across the country, sheltering people is an absolute emergency.

HI is working with its partners to provide vulnerable populations with basic necessities shelter, and mobility aids: tents, tarpaulins, crutches, walking frames, wheelchairs, etc.

Rehabilitation and psychological support are priorities after an earthquake

After an earthquake of this magnitude and faced with the loss of loved ones and all their possessions, survivors are in a state of shock. This is compounded by injuries that, if not treated quickly and correctly, can become permanent disabilities.

HI is now working with the local authorities and associations in Morocco. We aim to intervene as soon as possible in the affected areas and provide post-earthquake expertise to care for the affected populations: physical rehabilitation for injured and disabled people and psychological support for those who have been traumatised.

Emergency psychological help is essential to reduce the risk of psychological complications: people who receive this support are less likely to remain in a prolonged state of anxiety. This can help them to recover better from the initial shock and strengthen their resilience. For people who are injured, overcoming the psychological trauma is a vital part of their road to physical rehabilitation.

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