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Mohammed is coping better with his vision loss thanks to HI


Emergency | Lebanon | PUBLISHED ON November 20th 2023
Mohammed in a school in Tyre converted into a reception centre managed by the Union of Municipalities in the Tyre region. 30 October 2023.

Mohammed in a school in Tyre converted into a reception centre managed by the Union of Municipalities in the Tyre region. 30 October 2023. | © H. Bonnin / HI

HI is helping people who have been evacuated from their homes in southern Lebanon because of the growing violence along the border with Israel – people like Mohammed.

Since 7 October and the escalation of the violence between Israel and Hamas, heightening tensions in southern Lebanon has led to the evacuation of some 30,000 people. HI is deeply concerned about the risk of a humanitarian crisis in the region.

Daily obstacles

Mohammed Theni is 12 years old. This bright little boy from the village of Aïta ach-Chab in southern Lebanon was evacuated to a safer area after the upsurge in violence along the border with Israel.

Born with vision loss, Mohammed encounters constant obstacles in his daily life. He has difficulty reading and playing like other children his age. He uses his sister's magnifying glass to see around him or read.

Supporting children with disabilities

HI sent teams on site to assess needs of the displaced population and support local organisations.

HI is already providing children with disabilities with an individual education programme, rehabilitation services based on their needs and adapted educational materials in Lebanon. Mohammed will benefit from this program. For children with vision loss, for example, HI supplies an electronic magnifying glass, a white cane, a speaking calculator, etc.

HI action in southern Lebanon  

In response to the emergency in the region, HI is assisting the displaced population by:

  • Providing mobility aids (crutches, wheelchairs, etc.) for distribution by our partners,
  • Training the Lebanese Red Cross to take into account the needs of people with disabilities in the evacuation and management of displaced people,
  • Training organisations helping displaced people in the provision of psychological support.
  • Training physical therapists in emergency rehabilitation in partnership with the Lebanese Order of Physical Therapists and the International Committee of the Red Cross,
  • Running risk education and conflict preparedness sessions.

HI would like to thank the Start Network and the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their support to HI's activities in southern Lebanon.

The escalation between Israel and Hamas

HI is calling on all parties to the conflict to stop using explosive weapons in densely populated areas such as Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. HI also supports #CeasefireNow, an open call for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and Israel to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe and further loss of innocent life, and to ensure that humanitarian aid can be delivered quickly and safely.

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