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New animated video on inclusive education


Advocacy | Inclusion | Laws | International | PUBLISHED ON April 28th 2022
tle: Image captured from HI video - Description: Two arms embrace a diverse group of children. On the background, the planet and the Sustainable Development Goals' wheel. This slogan appears: "Let's work together to make inclusive education a reality".

Screen shot from the video on inclusive education. | ©HI

On the occasion of the Global Action Week for Education, we are releasing a new video called “Inclusive education: towards the inclusion of all learners”.

Every year, the Global Campaign for Education organizes the Global Action Week for Education as an opportunity to bring attention to education and call for action.

Children with disabilities are disproportionately excluded from education, due to inaccessibility of school facilities and lack of teacher training on inclusive education and support, among other factors. On this Global Action Week for Education, HI wants to call for leaders to work together towards inclusive education, putting the child at the center, and ensuring that all children with disabilities can access education.

We are launching a new animated video on inclusive education to illustrate our vision and call for action.


Watch our video to learn more:

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