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HI and partners at the Conference of States Parties to the CRPD


Advocacy | Inclusion | Institutional | Laws | Protection | International | PUBLISHED ON June 13th 2022
UN plenary session, with States Representatives sitted in the auditorium. Pictures was taken during the adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities for which HI participated to the process. | © C. Dixon / HI

States that ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) meet regularly in a Conference of States Parties in order to consider matters related to the implementation of this Convention.

The 15th Conference of States Parties (also known with the acronym “COSP”) will be held between 14th and 16th June 2022, at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. On the agenda of this year’s Conference we find the topics of innovation and technology, economic empowerment, and participation of persons with disabilities in climate action and disaster risk reduction. You can read more information on the official website.

This event represents a key opportunity to meet with disability-movement’s leaders and partners and to advance the global debate on disability inclusion. Besides the official Conference’s sessions, at the presence of States Parties’ delegation and UN officials, a Civil Society Forum takes place online on Monday 13th June (it is still possible to register here for the Civil Society Forum).

A delegation of Humanity & Inclusion’s staff and partners will be present at the COSP, with representatives from  Humanity & Inclusion’s international advocacy and inclusive governance teams, Mozambique and Rwanda Programmes, together with partner Organisations of Persons with Disabilities from Laos, Ethiopia, and Zambia.

Partners of Humanity & Inclusion in the Health, Education, Livelihood in Africa (HELASIA) project

As partners of the HELASIA project, Shitaye Astawes from the African Disability Forum and Sylvester Katontoka from the Pan African Network of People with Psychosocial Disabilities will join our delegation.

Shitaye Astawes is the Director for Advocacy and Communication at the African Disability Forum, the continental membership organization of Organizations of Persons with Disabilities in Africa. Shitaye is an Ethiopian woman living with a disability, and mother of two sons. With more than 20 years of professional experience in international cooperation (including the Bridging the Gap II project), Shitaye brings in solid expertise on a variety of topics such as inclusive education or economic empowerment. Shitaye also oversees the Young African Women with Disabilities Leadership Program.

Sylvester Katontoka, representing the Pan African Network of People with Psychosocial Disabilities, has championed the promotion of the rights of persons with psychosocial disabilities over the past 25 years. Sylvester is the laureate of the Award 2008 for an “Outstanding achievement in the field of Mental Health Care”. Persons with psychosocial disabilities have been long unrepresented in decision-making, due to stigma, discrimination, and denial of legal capacity. Sylvester’s presence in COSP will ensure that their stands are taken into account when discussing the implementation of the Convention.


Humanity & Inclusion is also involved in the following side-events:

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