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Nuan: "People with disabilities don’t want to be a burden”


Inclusion | Laos | PUBLISHED ON August 1st 2022
Portrait of Nuan.

Portrait of Nuan. | © HI

Nuan is 34 years old. She was born with polio in her left leg. HI has provided her with seed money to raise livestock.

Born with a disability, Nuan faces discrimination and struggles to provide for her family.

Hardships in her daily life

As a child, Nuan was bullied because of her disability and was unable to complete her schooling because her family was too poor to pay the fees.

Today she is 34 years old. She is married and has children. She is a farmer, but because of her disability and the fact that her husband also has health problems, they do not earn enough to pay for their son's education or save money for emergencies.

HI provides training and financial support

Nuan is a beneficiary of HI's livelihood support project, receiving financial assistance for her animal husbandry activity. Nuan has 14 ducks, 12 chickens and 2 pigs.

"Even though we do things differently from other people, we should not be despised and discriminated against because we have a disability. We want to be independent, not to be a burden. I really appreciate all the efforts made to improve the living conditions of people with disabilities”.


Her social and community life

Portrait of Nuan.

With HI, she has participated in a training course on disability and inclusion. She is now a disability “champion” in her village.

Because of her never-say-die attitude, Nuan has been asked to lead the village women's union. She helps other people with disabilities or mobility problems. When the village receives donations of food or clothing, she helps distribute it to the community and ensures that people with disabilities are given equal treatment.

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