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HI concerned for the most vulnerable people in countries hit by Hurricane Iota


Emergency | Nicaragua | PUBLISHED ON November 17th 2020
Iota hurricane above Central America on November 17th

Iota hurricane above Central America on November 17th | © Cyclocane

A Category 4 hurricane hit the coasts of Nicaragua and northern Honduras on Monday night, with potentially disastrous consequences for the populations of both countries. HI is particularly concerned about the threat to the most vulnerable people.

Hurricane Iota made landfall in Nicaragua last night – the second hurricane to hit the area in two weeks. Iota reached Category 5 yesterday, before being downgraded to Category 4 and then to Category 2 late last night. But with winds of over 250 kmph, it could cause serious damage.

Authorities in Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala have evacuated tens of thousands of people to shelters in reception centres - permanent buildings where they should be safe. A fortnight ago, a separate hurricane destroyed hundreds of thousands of homes and affected some 2.5 million people. Another hurricane could make the situation much worse, with torrential rain affecting areas already hit by floods.


Without homes and livelihoods

HI is concerned for the most vulnerable people, including people with disabilities, who are particularly exposed to these kinds of disasters and need help to access aid.

« People living in Central America, especially in Nicaragua, are likely to be severely affected by Hurricane Iota, the most powerful hurricane of the year. Many families will lose their homes and  livelihoods, such as farms, and find it difficult to access drinking water. »

Dominique Delvigne, geographic director responsible for Latin America and the Caribbean at HI

HI’s teams do not work in the countries affected by the hurricane but are ready to assess its impact and determine any actions that may be taken in aid of the most vulnerable people.

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