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HI Network Annual Report 2021


International | PUBLISHED ON July 25th 2022
Young child in a wheelchair in Lebanon

© Tom Nicholson / HI

Publication of the HI network's 2021 annual report in PDF format, accompanied by the network's full accounts 2021 certified by the association's auditor.

We inform the general public, donors and regulatory bodies about the sources and uses of all the funds we obtain. Our financial information is checked, certified and then published in the clearest possible format. 

Each year, HI produces an annual report for the whole of its network containing:

  • our news;
  • the distribution of our interventions worldwide, by country, and by type of action;
  • our funding principles, from fundraising through to the allocation of funds and the production of financial information;
  • the ratio of resources dedicated to our social mission, administrative costs and fundraising as set out in our statement of utilisation of funds

Find all the PDF documents to download on the Financial Transparency page.

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