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East Timor

People with disabilities suffer from high levels of discrimination in East Timor which has now been an independent country for two decades. Humanity & Inclusion worked in the country to champion the rights of people with disabilities and to promote their inclusive employment, among other activities. Since 2017, East Timor has been included in a regional programme with the Philippines and Indonesia but Humanity & Inclusion currently has no projects there.

Training organized by Humanity & Inclusion and its partner, RHTO, the main association of disabled people in the country.

Actions in process

People with disabilities in East Timor are often victims of multiple layers of discrimination and even violence due to certain beliefs and traditions, and are unlikely to be able to attend school or find employment.

HI also campaigned to defend the rights of people with disabilities at local and national level and to increase recognition of their right to a life of dignity. The organisation worked with disabled people’s organisations to create conditions favourable to the ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Humanity & Inclusion is not currently conducting any projects in East Timor.

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