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Call for good practices: inclusive recruitment


Inclusion | International | PUBLISHED ON July 9th 2020
Young man working behind a computer.

Paid internship in a bank in Senegal. He has a motor disability and is being followed in the framework of a professional inclusion project led by HI. | E. Fitte-Duval / HI

As part of their partnership, the Michelin Corporate Foundation and HI are conducting research on good practices regarding the recruitment process of persons with disabilities. The aim is to promote good and effective disability inclusive recruitment policy in businesses and organizations worldwide, especially in developing countries. 

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), 386 million people of working age have disabilities. A recent study shows that the employment-to-population ratio of people with disabilities is 36% on average, compared to the 60% for persons without disabilities. Such difference is deeper in developing countries. This situation is even worse for women with disabilities, who face even more barriers for equal opportunities to access to wage employment. However, there are organizations, companies and people advocating for the rights of persons with disabilities, especially, concerning inclusion in the working world.


How does your company carry out inclusive recruitment for persons with disabilities? 

We invite all businesses and organizations to share their good practices with us! These good practices will serve as an input for our primary research, which will be used to develop an open source technical publication, spotlighting best practices around disability inclusive recruitment, which will be widely disseminated. 

All organizations having submitted a good practice will be named in it, creating a network of companies and Human Resources actors willing to share their experience and learn from each other. HI and the Michelin Corporate Foundation will also share the results of the study among various global and local networks, including the ILO Global Business and Disability Network

There is no cost to participate, and the businesses who choose to do so have the option to highlight their brand as a disability inclusive employer free of cost. 


What type of businesses and/or organizations can submit their successful practices? 


All businesses and organizations across the globe can apply, regardless of size, nature, and scale of operations. 

They may have in place a well-established policy, or guideline that includes specific steps to be taken for recruitment of persons with disabilities; they also may have hired persons with disabilities without any formal policy in place, and have experimented good practices to share for potential replication. 


What kind of practices can be shared?


These good practices can relate to any step of the recruitment cycle, from identifying the hiring need to the induction of the new employee. They may be formally documented or informally practiced. 


How to apply? 


The study will be led from June to early September, leading to a publication by the end of 2020. 

  • Step 1: Organizations can complete a survey regarding their good practices by following the link below 
  • Step 2: All good practices received will be reviewed by a multi stakeholder committee who will choose 15 best practices to highlight. The Committee will be made up of the?Michelin Corporate Foundation?members, HI members, Disabled persons’ organizations representatives and labor experts. 
  • Step 3: The owners of the practices selected will be interviewed to document and collect additional information about their good practice and its impact. We will get in contact with the selected practices in August 2020 


Answer the survey in English. 

Answer the survey in French. 

Answer the survey in Spanish. 


For more information, please contact Chin-Lu Guidotti at [email protected]

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